Our Story

ÉSTAINE has been in the making since 2012, though the inspiration for the brand began many years ago when its founder Zofia Wosinska performed cancer research as a part of her PhD studies in photochemistry. Zofia not only studied the effects of cancer from a molecular level, but also how emotional well-being impacts prognosis.

In her later work, developing dye solutions used in cancer diagnosis, Zofia imagined the beautiful colors and patterns of the stained cells gracing flowing dresses and fabrics--telling the story of a survivor.

Moved, she created and led Couture for Cancer, an educational fashion fundraiser depicting the science behind the fight with cancer and supporting a local children’s oncology center. Ironically, in the midst of planning the show, Zofia’s husband, a fashion entrepreneur, was diagnosed with stage 3 lymphoma.

Over the following years, Zofia grew more passionate about fashion as a medium for cancer education and patient support. Out of this passion, ÉSTAINE was born.

While ÉSTAINE is about extraordinary fashion, it is ultimately so much more — it is about educating the community and aiding those fighting the battle against cancer. The one-of-a-kind designs tell not only of science, but also the stories of survivors, inviting questions that lead to awareness.


The Founders


Dr. Zofia Wosinska 

Dr. Zofia Wosinska is a Polish-born dye chemist and spent much of her career in cancer research and developing tissue dye- based solutions used in cancer diagnosis. Zofia’s undergraduate work looked at the roles patients’ mental wellbeing and social support play in the physical battle against breast cancer. Zofia also holds an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

“Developing dyes that discriminate cancerous cells from healthy ones never seemed more important or more personal than the Sunday evening Jeremy and I sat at a microscope looking at a slide of his stained lymph node and the cancerous cells within it. I knew that although what I was seeing was frightening, at the same time the colorful slides contained the path towards a cure.”
— Dr. Zofia Wosinska


Jeremy Picker

Jeremy Picker is a veteran in the fashion industry. He is a founder and CEO of AMB3R, a custom, fashion-forward t-shirt company focused on clients in the social impact sector. Prior to starting his own apparel company, Jeremy toured for 10 years managing music merchandise for major label bands. Jeremy’s passion is helping non-profits raise funds and awareness through fashion. He is a cancer survivor.

“People have asked me about the significance of wearing accessories that portray diagnosis of disease. For me, my battle is captured in the colors and patterns of the designs. The fight is a part of who I am today. I am a cancer survivor”.
— Jeremy Picker