Fiore Tie


Fiore Tie


100% silk twill, hand folded, 7-fold, wool interlining, 8.5 cm

All ÉSTAINE accesories are made in Como, Italy alongside most luxurious of brands. 

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The Fiore tie is a part of the first ÉSTAINE collection, crafted to shine a light on Breast Cancer Awareness.

The one-of a kind, stunning designs are artful depictions of the battle with breast cancer, its diagnosis, and the path towards a cure.  

10% - 20% of the sale price is donated to one of our non-profit partners.  You elect the Beneficiary.  Your pledge also funds the development and expansion of the ÉSTAINE product menu.  

The Dyes:

Hematoxylin and Eosin (H&E) is the most common dye combination used in cancer diagnosis. The purple of the Hematoxylin shows the structure of cell nuclei and the pink Eosin counterstain highlights the cytoplasm of the cell.  This allows the doctor to observe the patterns within the tissue and detect any abnormalities that would alert to the presence of disease and a need for further testing.

The Design:

This design is a H&E stain, which can lead to a diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. The naturally occurring patterns are as captured under a microscope, telling the story of life.  What appears like a flower, Fiore in Italian, represents the bloom of strength and return to health.  

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